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Diesel Indirect Heater Hire

Diesel Indirect Space Heater Hire

Indirect Diesel Fired Heater, stainless steel combustion chamber and an automatic, built in Diesel burner, with a Danfoss pump. For extra safety, it is fitted with an electronic flame control device, a safety thermostat and and electronic control panel. Thermostatically Controlled Danfoss Fuel Pump Safety thermostat. 1 x 2 – Way Splitter (16″ – 2… Read more »

Diesel Radiant Heater

Smiths Diesel Radiant Heaters offer a cheaper, more efficient means of heating in the work place or in large open areas such as warehouses or barns. It combines both forced air heating and radiant heating processes to bring fast efficient heat to your space. Ceramic Fibre combustion chamber. It takes some time for hot air to warm… Read more »

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