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Gas Heater Hire

Gas Bin Heater

Our Gas Bin Heater Hire offers a non-domestic high output convector heater for propane gas. These free standing bin heaters are mainly used on building / construction sites or warehouses and factories. They are ideal for drying out buildings too. An industrial space heater with a double skinned top to reduce the temperature of top… Read more »

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Propane Space Heaters

Here at Smiths Hire, our propane space heaters provide large volumes of clean warm dry air for heating large spaces such as halls, marquees and areas where people are present. Also ideal for drying buildings and plaster during construction. Product Features: Manual ignition Electrovalve Safety gas valve with thermocouple Gas regulator includes safety valve which… Read more »

Butane Direct Cabinet Heater

Smiths direct fuel heaters offer a cheaper, more efficient means of heating in the work place or in large open areas such as warehouses or barns. This is due to their high volume heating capacity. Direct fuel heaters require ventilation as they add moisture to the air during the heating process. Uses butane gas from pressurised cylinders. To calculate the… Read more »

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