Hybrid Power Hire

Hybrid Solar Generator

This Hybrid Solar Generator – the Solartainer Versatile; has been developed to provide an off-grid power supply. It integrates renewable power and storage with diesel-power back-up. Therefore reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. This unit also reduces fuel costs by up to 500%.

Niftylift HR12NDE Articulated Cherry Picker (WH 12.2m)

The Niftylift HR12NDE Cherry Picker / Articulated Boom offers a great working height of 12m and a generous horizontal outreach of 6m, perfect for areas with restricted access. With its compact dimensions and class-leading working envelope, the HR12 has always been versatile and reliable.

Niftylift HR15 Hybrid Articulated Boom Lift (WH 15.7m)

The Niftylift HR15 Hybrid Articulated Boom Lift (WH 15.7m) offers one of the most impressive working envelopes in its class. Its compact base allows it to manoeuvre easily in enclosed spaces and its extremely low overall weight helps to minimise transportation costs.

Genie Z-60 FE Hybrid Articulated Boom Lift (WH 21m)

The Genie Z-60 FE is two machines in one. The ‘full electric’ mode offers a full-day, emission-free run time on a single charge. The ‘hybrid’ mode offers one week of run time with a single tank of diesel. The ideal, environmentally-friendly solution.

Niftylift HR28 Self Propelled Cherry Picker (WH 28m)

tThe HR28 4×4 is one of a new generation of environmentally conscious work platforms from Niftylift. Combining advanced power-source technology with efficient four-wheel-drive, it delivers outstanding performance from a compact and low-weight design.

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