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Tillers & Rotavator Hire

Mantis XP Lightweight Petrol Tiller for Hire

Ergonomic comfort grip handles are easy on your hands. Height-adjustable handles let you choose the height most comfortable for you. A conveniently placed on/off switch makes starting and stopping the tiller simple. This productive rotovator features our serpentine tines that easily break through new ground and sod, compacted soil… even hard clay. At 16″ / 41… Read more »

Lightweight Petrol Tiller

Medium Tiller Rotavator

Our Medium Tiller Rotavator is the ideal tool for commercial and domestic applications, easily capable of producing excellent results on previously cultivated ground such as garden borders, allotments and vegetable plots. Tillers can be used at any time of the year, however, they are not really suitable for use in very hard ground. How to… Read more »

HD Petrol Rotavator

The CAMON C8 Rotavator is extremely easy to use.  Key to the success of the C8 Rotavator is its combination of powerful Honda engine and simple operating controls – these combined with the all-gear drive ensure the C8 is simple to operate.  The C8 is ideal for allotments and gardens and is even capable of producing… Read more »

HD Petrol Rotavator

EHD Petrol Rotavator (Extra HD)

All hydraulic means the most efficient use of your horsepower to get the job done. The unique swivel handlebar featured on this compact unit means you can walk alongside your tiller rather than in your freshly tilled earth. The heavy design means your tiller works for you instead of tossing you around. Counter-rotating tines break… Read more »

EHD Petrol Rotavator (Extra HD)
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