Medium Duty Petrol Rotavator / Tiller

The Medium Duty Tiller, also referred to as a Cultivator, is the ideal tool to hire for commercial and domestic applications. Easily capable of producing excellent results on previously cultivated ground such as garden borders, allotments and vegetable plots.

The main benefits of using our Petrol Rotavator Hire is the ease and efficiency with which the machine is able to dig the ground. Therefore saving the operator substantial time and effort.

The machine is suitable for use at any time of the year, but not recommended on very hard ground. Generally, a Medium Duty Tiller is not designed for digging virgin ground. For this type of application we would recommend a gear-driven Tiller / Rotavator – Click here to view other products in the Petrol Rotavator Hire range now

Product Features:

    • Main Use: For Cultivating ground in small to medium sized gardens or allotments
    • Suitable For: Domestic use as well as for allotment holders and commercial landscapers
    • Not Suitable For: Use on very hard ground
    • Top Tips: Always observe the safety sheet before use and ensure all debris and long grass/foliage is cleared from the area to be rotavated

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Petrol Rotavator Hire
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Medium Duty Petrol Rotavator / Tiller in action