Paint Strippers & Wallpaper Steamer Hire

Heat Gun

Try our Electric Heat Gun Hire if you are looking to remove old oil-based paint. Also known as a Hot Air Gun; it’s a simple and effective way to strip paint without the mess associated with chemical paint strippers. Smiths wallpaper, paint strippers and tile strippers will leave you with a clean surface making redecorating… Read more »

Electric Wallpaper Stripper

An electric wallpaper stripper (110V / 240V) is the fastest and easiest ways to remove all types of wall coverings and Artex. These simple to use tools comes with a larger tank and as it only uses water to strip away wallpaper, it is environmentally friendly to use. It also has a cool-to-touch hose, over… Read more »

110V/240V Wallpaper Stripper

Wallpaper Perforator

Fast and effective way of removing old wallpaper and paint. The Wallpaper Perforator tool creates tiny holes in the surface which makes it ideal preparation prior to stripping. Making redecorating a quick and stress free task. Click here to view our full Decorating Equipment Hire range

wallpaper perforator
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