Metal Cutting Equipment

Metal Cutting Bench Saws

Our range of Metal Cutting Bench Saws are ideal for cutting through thick metal beams and metal rods whether they are steel, aluminium or copper. View the 14" Bench Cut-Off Saws and choose from a steel blade or a TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tips) blade to suit your task.

Metal Cutting Bench Saws

Metal Cutting Circular Saws

Our Metal Cutting Circular Saws product offers you eco-friendly Cordless Battery powered options as well as electric 110V too. The Metal Saws work similarly to their wood cutting counterpart. However they offer more power and a very specific metal cutting blades.

Metal Cutting Circular Saws

Bolt Croppers

Bolt croppers (24″ – 42″) are designed for cutting wire, chains, padlocks and bolts. Most bolt cutters have hardened steel adjustable jaws. Having short blades and long handles with compound hinges allows maximum leverage and cutting force. The blades can vary according to the type of job, the “centre cut” is the most common. Click… Read more »

Bolt Cropper Hire


These Nibbler – 240V tools from Smiths are the best way to manually cut sheet metal away from the edge. Need a hole cutting in the centre of a metal sheet? This is the tool for you. They are capable of drilling through the metal to create a starting point, from there you simply push… Read more »

240V Nibbler

Re-Bar Cutting Tool

The Rebar cutter tool (16mm) is purpose built for construction or all kinds of other things that relate to rebar (steel bar, steel rod) cutting. Click to view the other products in our Grinding & Cutting range

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