Concrete Mixer Accessories

Vibrating Pokers

We have a wide range of concrete high frequency vibrating pokers, poker drive units and poker flexes to choose from.

Vibrating Pokers

Concrete Column Skip

A Concrete Column Skip allows for storage of concrete and quick and easy discharging, with the use of an attachable tube to the bottom. To be used for pouring concrete into columns and framework that are difficult to access. Ideal for construction sites. Designed to be laid down on its side to be filled from… Read more »

Bottom Discharge Concrete Skip

A Bottom Discharge Concrete Skip is used to hold large amounts of concrete and allow it to be discharged at any given time with the use of a fold down slide. Holds large amounts of concrete. Geared twinflow concrete skip. Versataile concrete skip with bottom and side discharge. Opening with wheels. Fold down slide to discharge concrete.

Bottom Discharge Concrete Ski

Concrete Test Cube Mould

With a Concrete Test Cube Mould, casting concrete couldn’t be easier. These no fuss, professional quality moulds are design to encase concrete until it sets into a cube. Concrete Test Cube Mould Features: Design to encase concrete until it sets into a cube. Made from a heavy duty steel construction. Four-part piece of equipment with… Read more »

Concrete Test Cube Mould

Forced Action Multi Material Mixer (32L)

Developed to mix promptly and effectively, quantities of a wide range of materials. This 32L Forced Action Mixer is driven by a sealed motor and gearbox providing many years of trouble-free operation. An optional perforated paddle is available to increase agitation by forcing material through its perforations. The machine is both robust and portable, offering… Read more »

Electric Handheld Cement Mixer / Stirrer

Electric Handheld Cement Mixer / Stirrers – designed to handle construction materials such as prefab plaster, gypsum, lime, concrete, cement, insulation materials and insolvents of medium to high viscosity up to 50 kg batches.  

Concrete Curing Tank

A 110V Concrete Curing Tank is a perfect economy tank for testing of concrete cube moulds. They maintain temperature of the cubes at the required 20°C. Click to view our full Concreting & Finishing range

Concrete Curing Tank
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