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Machine Drip Tray

The Machine Drip Tray is a heavy duty drip tray – made to last. You can use them to protect your garage floor and block paved driveway from engine and gearbox drips.  The Machine Drip Tray can be used for battery storage, to the storage of drums at a chemical dosing point. In addition they… Read more »

Machine Drip Tray

Exhaust Filters

Exhaust particulate filters should be included as personal safety equipment for those who work with diesel or petrol powered vehicles that are started or driven indoors. See the datasheets below for more product information Datasheet 1 Datasheet 2 Click to view the range of Plant Machinery

Interceptor Drip Tray

The Interceptor Drip Tray is an effective way of preventing costly fuel spills and oil leaks when working on engines/machines. The Drip Tray is used beneath equipment liable to small leaks such as pumps, generators and compressors, etc.  The Interceptor Drip Tray has a built in oil separator . As liquid falls into the tray,… Read more »

Interceptor Drip Tray 3000mm x 1500mm x 305mm
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