Smiths Hire team up with The Platform to help young adults find work

Young people in Blackpool have had a challenging few years, tackling problems that surfaced during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to this, some young people may need extra support to get back on track and become financially independent.

This support starts at Employability Services like Blackpool Council’s The Platform, but continues with employers across the town like Smiths Hire.

Katie Buckley, Smiths Hire’s Internal Recruiter showed a real understanding and flexibility towards the needs of young people seeking work. We found the communication excellent and having Katie attend The Platform to answer questions from our Employment Advisors as well as running workshops for young people really made a difference.

This tailored approach worked as 3 young adults were successfully appointed and we look forward to the opportunity to support more young people in to their new careers at Smiths Hire.

If you know a 16-24 year old Blackpool resident seeking work, or would like to know how The Platform can help, contact a member of our team

Speaking to Katie, she had this to say:
“I was approached by The Platform and I couldn’t have been happier to work closely with them to assist young people into work and hopefully gain a career as the end goal.

Working in recruitment for over 10 years, I have definitely seen a change in the candidate market and it can definitely be challenging at times. Smiths are dedicated to giving people the chance and support to find a career in the Tool Hire industry. For me, being in recruitment isn’t just about giving someone a job, it’s about the time, support and guidance they get from myself and us as a business. I do hope in 2023 I work with the Platform again”.