Bridge Saw Tile Cutter (1500mm cut)

The Combi 250-1500 VA Tile Cutter is great for a quality cut even on large tiles of 300 x 600mm, 900 x 900mm and even up to 1500mm tiles.

They offer high cutting capacity: the blade is suitable for all types of material to be cut. Cuts (90°) vertically to the support surface or cuts in tilted position between 90° and 45° (depth adjustment is maintained in all positions). The optional side cutting surface allows for extend cutting, maintaining stability, due to a bracket bolted onto the stand. The machine can mount up to 2 side cutting surfaces.

Product Features:

  • Single-phase 230V/50Hz electric motor, 1.5 kW with thermal protection and minimum voltage coil.
  • IP 55 switch.
  • IP 67 plug.
  • Laser pointer.
  • Cutting guide.
  • Diamond blade Ø 250 mm PREMIUM for gres hard porcelain – continuous rim.
  • Protractor with large support surface.
  • Anodised extruded aluminium cutting surface.
  • Shatter-resistant plastic tray to contain and recover water.
  • Stand with two rubber wheels.

Optional Accessories and recommended blades

  • Side cutting surface.
  • Diamond blade Ø 250 mm FLEX for ceramic – continuous rim.
  • Diamond blade Ø 250 mm PREMIUM for gres hard porcelain – continuous rim.

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Tile Cutter

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Bridge Saw Tile Cutter (1500mm cut) in action