TCT Bench Cut-Off Saw

The 110V 356mm (14″) TCT Bench Cut-Off Saw is ideal for cutting through thick metal beams and metal rods whether they are steel, aluminium or copper. The powder coated sheet steel design with galvanised steel table, makes for a very sturdy and durable machine.

TCT is the abbreviation for Tungsten Carbide Tips; the TCT saw blades are specifically designed for cutting metal tubing, pipes, rails, nickel, zirconium, cobalt and titanium-based metal. All of this is possible thanks to the teeth on the saw blades, and the tungsten carbide tips, or TCT. It’s this coating of tungsten carbide that gives the saw blades the ability to easily cut through metals, while at the same time ensuring the blades last a long time.

Product Features:

  • Sturdy base
  • Heavy duty vice
  • Power Input: 2200W
  • Load speed: 1300rpm
  • Supplied with a 14″ TCT steel blade

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TCT Bench Cut-Off Saw in action