Razorback Truss Screed

Are you looking for a razorback truss screed that will give your concrete a perfect finish every time? Here at Smiths Hire, we have high-quality razorback truss screed for hire, that is ideal for any concreting project. Our specialist razorback screed level the surface of your concrete pour, giving you a perfect finish. Our screed rails for hire compact, levels and finishes a range of concrete surfaces such as floors, pavements and runways. This time-saving piece of kit enables you to achieve that professional finish in a matter of minutes. Ideal for building sites and projects where you need to smooth foundations, enabling you to achieve high productivity and efficiency.

Product Features:

  • Compacts, levels and finishes a range of applications
  • Used on applications such as concrete floors, pavements, runways and bridges
  • Delivers a very flat surface
  • Up to 25m in one pass over
  • Can be set to form crowns or inverts to design specifications

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Web Price: Ex VAT & Delivery (if applicable)

Day hire rate

Was £100.00

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Was £50.00

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Was £125.00

Week hire rate

Was £200.00

Razorback Truss Screed in action