1200mm Ride-on Tandem Roller

Ride-on Tandem Rollers by Hamm are the most recognised form of compaction equipment. These powerful diesel engines, ride-on rollers provide an unmatched compacting capability. Tandem rollers are primarily used for sub-base and asphalt compacting. The vibration frequency increases the centrifugal force, giving a compact sub-base with fewer passes. This makes them ideal for residential roads/car parks and highway maintenance.

Articulated Ride-on Tandem Roller with 2 vibratory drums – Available in 800mm or 1200mm roller widths

Product Features:

  • Optimum front view due to concaving front end
  • Ergonomic driver platform
  • Modern instrument panel
  • Low machine height
  • 3-point swivel joint for optimum driving comfort
  • Central suspension point
  • Convenient maintenance and service

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1200mm Ride-on Tandem Roller in action