Electric Circular Metal Cutting Saw

A 178mm (9″) Electric Circular Metal Cutting Saw is not that dissimilar from its wood cutting counter-part. The major difference is that it has more power and is equipped with very specific metal cutting blades.

Product Features:

  • The EVOSAW230 is robust and highly durable, typically a Steel blade will cut up to 80m of 12mm Steel plate
  • Ideal for cutting Steel plate, box section, scaffolding, cladding and roofing
  • Advanced performance; out performs normal cutting saws
  • When cutting Steel, it leaves an instantly workable finish, producing no heat, no burr and virtually no sparks
  • 0-45° bevel tilt enhances the versatility of the saw
  • Includes a safety switch with overload protection and an auto-debris collection system, which collects chippings automatically
  • Heavy-duty and extremely portable
  • Features an easily adjustable depth of cut, plus a clear visibility panel to aid accurate cutting

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  • Full Specification

  • Product Code
  • Motor (110V 50Hz)
  • Speed No Load
  • Blade Diameter
  • No of Teeth
  • Max. Depth of Cut (0 degrees)
  • Max. Depth of Cut (45 degrees)
  • Sound Power Level
  • Weight

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Electric Circular Metal Cutting Saw in action