Cable Detector Transmitter & Receiver Kit

The Cable Detector Transmitter & Receiver Kit is a simple and cost-effective, yet intelligent way to gather information for analysis. Bluetooth and GPS send data logs to the cloud where it can be mapped using our VMMap Web Portal.

You don’t need to be an electronics expert to get the most out of using the kit, and the main features and operational controls are in keeping with industry standards.

Product Features:

  • Integrated Bluetooth and GPS technologies.
  • VMMap Web Portal to map data logs.
  • Dangers of underground utilities.
  • HSG47.
  • Reading utility plans.
  • vScan & transmitter controls and features.
  • Starting a survey with a transmitter.
  • How to conduct a survey maximising transmitter use.
  • Getting the most out of the dual frequencies.
  • Locating problem services – lighting, services & comms.
  • Joints, loops and bends.
  • Depth estimation.

Making locating easier:

  • Power and Radio modes – for passive locating.
  • 33kHz & 131kHz for active locating using optional transmitter.
  • Sonde modes of 33kHz, 512Hz/640Hz.
  • M mode for locating metal covers (vScanM only).
  • Rotary control for sensitivity.
  • Paddle control for mode and navigation.
  • Two pushbuttons – on/off and depth/menu/select.
  • High contrast display with back-light.
  • Compass – arrows indicate line direction.
  • Depth and current measurement (configurable).
  • Both internal & removable loudspeakers.
  • Internal or external GPS (optional).

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