Single Drum Roller Kit c/w Breaker & Trailer

The 711mm (28″) Single Drum Roller Kit complete with Breaker & Trailer is ideal for use on small sites and to reach those awkward spots that bigger machines can’t service. These mini vibrating rollers are pushed along the surface of the compacting zone. They are more manoeuvrable and convenient for small scale projects than their larger drivable cousins. A power take off allows the use of hydraulic breaker for repairs without the need for a secondary power unit.

Product Features:

  • Comfortably to control
  • Simple transport – Compact design and foldable guide handle
  • Precise and safe to operate – All function integrated in the steering rod head
  • No sticking of asphalt – Water spraying system with large water tank (standard)
  • Comes as a kit, including 28″ Single Drum Roller, Hydraulic Breaker and Trailer

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  • Full Specification

  • Product Code
  • Working Width
  • Engine
    Hatz 1B 20
  • Fuel
  • Vibration Rating
  • Weight

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Single Drum Roller Kit c/w Breaker & Trailer in action