42-52kW 240V Propane Space Heater

Here at Smiths Hire, our propane space heaters for hire provide large volumes of clean warm dry air for heating large spaces such as halls, marquees and areas where people are present.

Also ideal for drying buildings and plaster during construction.

Product Features:

  • Manual ignition
  • Electrovalve
  • Safety gas valve with thermocouple
  • Gas regulator includes safety valve which stops gas flow in case of cracks in the gas tube
  • Regulator and hose included
  • Motor with thermal protection
  • Overheat thermostat
  • Adjustable heat
  • Easy maintenance

To calculate the recommended wattage of heater needed, please scroll down to the table below. Please Note: All these numbers are for general information – each install will vary depending on many other factors.

*Calor Gas Propane Cylinder available as an add-on*

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42-52kW 240V Propane Space Heater in action