Petrol Wacker Plate 306mm (12″)

These vibrating plates are very compact devices that are ideal for asphalt compaction, interlocking paving stones and mixed soils even in confined spaces. The plates can easily operate around stones and duct covers as well as along curbstones or buildings. Typical applications for Wacker Plates are compacting loose gravel, sand, or other materials including things such as building foundations leaving a solid, flat ground ready for building.

The smallest of the Wacker Plates that Smiths Hire offer, a 12″ vibrating plate with a useful reversing function. If you’re looking for convenience, this small Wacker Plate is perfect for those small, narrow, working areas.

Product Features:

  • 12″ Plate.
  • Specially designed base plate and guide handle.
  • Easy maneuvering.
  • Ideal for path construction, gardening and landscaping.
  • Low pollutant emissions.
  • Our Wacker Plates can be hired with a full tank of petrol at an additional charge, or fuel is included free when you hire the product if the plate is returned with a full tank of fuel. Alternatively, you can pay just for what you use. Enquire either via our Central Hires team or in one of our depots for more information.

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    • Product Code
    • Weight
    • Centrifugal Force
    • Base Plate Size (W x L)
      300mm x 490mm
    • Surface Capacity
    • Fuel Tank Capacity
      1.2 Litre

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    Petrol Wacker Plate 306mm (12″) in action