3.49m Genie SLA10 Material Lift

3.49m Genie SLA10 Material Lift are manually operated lifts with winch and load capability. Compact and portable they are ideal for lifting in congested areas and are small enough to fit through standard doorways.

The SLA10 model has a safe working load of 454kg.

Product Features

  • Heavy-duty design
  • Patented telescoping mast system with mast brake
  • Rolls easily through single door in upright position
  • Quick set up requires no tools
  • Interchangeable load handling attachments
  • Maneuverable casters
  • Compact design, legs fold up for easy storage
  • Roller wheels allow easy transport in stowed position
  • Easy to load and unload on or off a vehicle for transport
  • Hold-down bar secures mast assembly during transport

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3.49m Genie SLA10 Material Lift in action