Importance of Health and Safety Equipment

The presence of health and safety equipment within the workplace should never be taken lightly. Not only is this critical in terms of overall productivity, but recent statistics highlight the dangers that exist.

According to findings collated by the Health and Safety Executive, 42 on-site workers perished between 2013 and 2014 alone. This is then compounded by more than 76,000 annual workplace-related illnesses and injuries. Furthermore, more than 2.3 million days were sacrificed as a result of such scenarios during the same time period. The use of the appropriate personal protection equipment is critical.

What are the Main Types of PPE?

Personal protection equipment can be broken down into several categories based upon the types of risks that may be present. These variants include:

  • Head protection
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Lung protection

Head protection is paramount to avert serious injuries and this equipment must now meet with regulations first enacted in 1992. The ultimate goal is to protect workers from falling objects and other injuries through the use of hardhats and similar helmets.

Protecting one’s eyes within the workplace is another very real concern. Metal shavings, airborne particulate matter and caustic liquids all pose serious threats. Employees must therefore be provided with equipment such as goggles and face shields when necessary.

Hearing-related hazards might also be present. Canal caps, earplugs and earmuffs are some examples of the available options. These are often required within environments known for loud noises (such as when working around heavy equipment or when using a milling machine).

The hazards associated with airborne matter and fumes also require the presence of PPE. Fine dust and certain vapours can lead to serious respiratory concerns if left unchecked. Employees must therefore be provided with respirators, particle filtration masks and similar apparatus if the need dictates Some common situations associated with these conditions include working within refineries, grain silos and chemical processing plants.

Why Choose Smiths Hire?

Smiths Hire has been hiring reliable tools and equipment to a growing number of customers for over four decades. Not only have these products been certified by industry professionals, but a kaleidoscope of unique options helps to ensure that the right product is procured for the task at hand. The rental process is extremely straightforward and 24/7 customer service solutions will ensure flexible delivery times in order to accommodate unique end-user requirements. Let’s now take a look at four products which will undoubtedly help to address your on-site health and safety concerns.

Dust Control Equipment

Modern dust control equipment highlights the importance of PPE within the workplace. Fine dust particles will often remain suspended in the air for long periods of time; leading to potentially serious respiratory issues. This is why the presence of high-quality extractor fans is always a prudent choice. The DC2900 Dust Extractor provided by Smiths Hire is able to address such requirements; ensuring the safety of all employees.

Fans and Ventilation

Maintaining ample levels of air circulation is just as important. The selection of portable industrial fans supplied through Smiths Hire will guarantee that the environment remains cool and comfortable. Designed for both indoor and outdoor uses, such units will help to remove ambient heat and simultaneously prevent on-site gases from lingering around the area.

Lighting Solutions

One of the best ways to avert potential accidents and injuries is to procure targeted lighting solutions. Examples within this category include portable LED-powered illumination towers (such as the Generac V20), festoon lighting and handheld variants that can be easily moved between different locations as needed. As Smiths Hire provides battery-powered units as well as models compatible with mains electricity, customers will always find what they are looking for.

Goggles and Face Protection

There is no doubt that protecting the eyes and face is a very real concern within specific environments. From plying dust particles which can scratch corneas to entire masks intended to protect the face in the event that a hazardous liquid splashes, this type of PPE should never be overlooked. Some of these units can be affixed to hard hats while others may represent a single element within an entire kit. Either way, management should always ensure that face and eye protection is offered to workers if such on-site dangers are present.

Health and safety equipment represents the backbone of a productive work environment. This is why only the most modern and reliable brands should be chosen. Would you like to learn more about the selection offered at Smiths Hire or are you curious about the rental process? If so, please fill out our online contact form or give us a call to speak with a trained customer service specialist.