E-learning courses now available at Smiths Training!

We’re now offering over 100 e-learning courses here at Smiths Training for as little as £25.00 per person! Yes, you read that correctly… Our new online courses are not only more convenient, but also cost effective!

Our extensive training options have always been a key part of the services we provide, and in keeping with our customers’ ever-evolving requirements in today’s digital age, we’ve taken many of our courses online to make them more convenient for you. When a few of our clients required one-on-one training at short notice – encompassing Fire Marshall, Abrasive Wheel and Manual Handling training, we listened carefully to them and realised there was an opportunity to evolve our training structure. And so, the idea for a Smiths Training e-learning platform was born!

Why choose Smiths Training for e-learning courses?

We began work on our e-learning platform back in March 2023, and we’re really pleased with how far it’s come in such a short space of time. The feedback we received on our platform during the testing phase was overwhelmingly positive – business managers from a range of sectors such as construction, civil engineering, facilities management to name but a few have complimented the platform on its ease of use, and its ‘Business Account’ option which allows managers to track the progression of each of their employees at the click of a button.

Our e-learning platform is designed to provide easy access to informative training modules at short notice. During the trial period, our customers were able to apply for our e-learning courses at 9am, and have the module completed by 5pm on the same day – which was an absolute game-changer for many businesses. All that means our e-learning courses are the perfect option if you’re looking to renew staff licences at short notice, ensuring you can stay ahead of your competition and keep all your team safe on site.

Where’s the best place to complete a Smiths Training e-learning course?

Anywhere, at any time! Whether you’re in the office, at home or on the go, all of our e-learning courses can be easily accessed online, and some of them are even compatible with mobile phones! Our system is accessible 24/7, so you can complete a course at any time of the day. What’s more, you can save your progress at regular intervals on each course, so you can login and pickup right where you left off at any time.

As you can see, there are some big changes happening in the way we deliver our courses here at Smiths Training! However the traditional methods of our physical courses will stay the same, and you can find these courses at our 6 Training Centres across the Region in; Blackpool, Preston, Lancaster, Manchester, Warrington and Castleford.

To enquire about our online e-learning courses please call our Training experts on 0333 323 2022 or email training@smithshire.com