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Spring Into Summer

Petrol Wacker Plates

Smiths Hire offers a range of Petrol Wacker Plates, available in a variety of sizes from 300mm (12″) up to 508mm (20″). These vibrating plates are very compact devices and are ideal for asphalt compaction. But also ideal for interlocking paving stones and mixed soils, even in confined spaces.

Petrol Vibrating Plates

0.8t Kubota Micro/Mini Digger

The Kubota K008-3 micro excavator; a compact, powerful mini digger. Ideal for tough jobs where space is limited. With its variable frame and foldable headband security, you’ll be able to move it around your site easily as this is also the smallest mini digger that we have on our fleet.

kubota small micro digger hire

Petrol Masonry Saws (Cutquick Saws)

Our Petrol Masonry Saws from STIHL are powerful machines that are almost legendary for their quick, convenient, portable cutting capabilities. Available in 3 sizes; 12″, 14″ & 16″; they are compact and robust, with built in performance and durability as standard. Ideal for cutting through stone, concrete, brickwork and masonry materials.

Stihl TS800 Petrol Masonry Saw

Single Drum Rollers

These reliable and effective single drum vibrating rollers are ideal for use on small sites and to reach those awkward spots that bigger machines can’t service. They are operated by being pushed along the surface of the area that needs to be compacted and are extremely maneuverable and easy to use compared to the larger,… Read more »

Single Drum Roller

Dingli JCPT 0607DCS Electric Scissor Lift (WH 5.9m)

The Dingli 5.9m electric scissor lift boasting the latest technology such as automatic pothole protection intelligent controls, you’ll be able to efficiently complete any job. Our scissor lifts for rental also boast an extended platform, making it ideal for a range of building, decorating projects.

Heavy Duty Green Waste Shredder

Our Green Waste Shredder by Eliet is a highly valued tool. Used by both the demanding private garden lover and the professional landscaper. The Eliet Major 4S chipper is compact and light; which allows it to go through the smallest of rear gates.

Green Waste Shredders

Short Standard AGR Tower

Scaffold towers are ideal for all your non-powered access requirements and are currently available in Advanced Guard Rail and 3T (Through The Trap) options. Perfect for working at height to complete maintenance, decorating or general building applications. Product Features: 1.4m wide x 1.8m long. AGR frame design for quick and easy assembly. Tower sizes are… Read more »

Long Standard AGR Towers

Scaffold towers are ideal for all your non-powered access requirements and are currently available in Advanced Guard Rail and 3T (Through The Trap) options. Perfect for working at height to complete maintenance, decorating or general building applications. Product Features: 1.4m wide x 2.5m long. AGR frame design for quick and easy assembly. Tower sizes are… Read more »

Hilti TE3000 30kg Heavy-Duty Breaker

Our TE3000 electric road breaker for hire is simple to transport and easy to use. This heavy-duty electric road breaker for hire is ideal for digging and tamping in earthwork, breaking concrete in demolition, repair work and pipe laying.

Hilti TE1000 10kg Breaker

The Hilti TE1000 10kg electric concrete breaker for hire boasts high performance and anti-vibration technology. Ideal for removing tiles, demolishing concrete and masonry, as well as for the renovations of floors of different materials.

Hilti TE700 7kg Breaker

Hire a Hilti TE700 7kg Electric Breaker from Smiths Hire for use on window and door openings, stubborn tiles from bathroom walls or removing old plaster. The TE700 is also ideal for chiseling pipe work in concrete foundations, and providing demolition on masonry and brick materials.

Hilti TE500 5kg Breaker

Hilti TE500 5kg Breaker is ideal for jobs ranging from home improvement to heavy duty construction and foundation work. Whether it’s removing stubborn tiles from your bathroom walls or chiselling a pipe work channel in tough concrete foundations.

1.9t Electric Mini Digger

The 1.9t Electric Mini Digger by JCB is leading the way in clean technology by reducing harmful emissions and improving air quality in sensitive environments, especially in urban and enclosed spaces. The 19C-1E mini digger; a new generation of electric products with zero emissions at point of use.

2.5t Kubota Mini Digger

The Kubota U27-4 mini digger is an impressive machine. Not only is it extra compact but it also robust, durable and tough enough to tackle even the most demanding tasks in tight spaces with ease.

Kubota U27-4 Mini Digger

Concrete Mixer (Electric) 240v 1/2 Bag

Our portable tip-up 240V concrete mixer is ideal for all small to medium building projects. The mini 240v cement mixer has been designed specifically to be lightweight and portable. The mixer takes a full barrow load and can hold up to half a bag at a time.

Concrete Mixer (Electric) 110v 1/2 Bag

Here at Smiths Hire, we have a great range of electric concrete cement mixers. Our portable tip up 110v electric concrete mixer is suitable for all small to medium sized building projects. Designed specifically to be both lightweight and portable, this electric cement mixer is easy to use. Not only is it easy to manoeuvre but… Read more »

High Tip Pedestrian Skip Loader

The Kubota KC70VHD-4 550kg High Tip Pedestrian Skip Loader offers you a high dump function. It can empty its load up to 1.43m high (pin height). In addition, it has a dumping reach of 447mm.

Powered Weed Brush

This Powered Weed Brush is a compact and convenient walk behind hard surface cleaner for the cleaning of weeds, moss and debris without the use of chemicals or water. It has a hydraulic mechanism capable of clockwise and anticlockwise brush head rotation and with its angled bristles the Powered Weed Brush allows you to access… Read more »

Powered Weed Brush

Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Petrol Hedge Trimmers are designed with a 2 stroke petrol engine and feature multi-function controls which make it the ideal tool to assist you with your general garden maintenance.

Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Long Reach Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Our Long Reach Petrol Hedge Trimmer (24″ blade) is petrol powered, ideal for cutting through thick branches at speed and ease, this is perfect for tall hedges and means there is no need for a ladder.

Long Reach Petrol Hedge trimmers

Petrol Lawn Aerator

Our Petrol Lawn Aerator provides aeration which encourages roots to grow deeper by increasing the oxygen supply to the root zone for healthy green grass. This is a self-propelled, walk behind aerator. The Spiker Tine is used for surface aeration, solid or hollow tines available. Aerating your lawn improves drainage. The compact size allows for… Read more »

Petrol Lawn Aerator

Petrol Rotary Lawnmower

Our Petrol Rotary Lawnmower makes grass cutting easier and more enjoyable than ever before and has been developed to effortlessly mow medium-sized lawns up to 1200m². The single-speed drive allows you to mow the lawn without having to push, great for steep and larger lawns.

Petrol Rotary Mowers

Electric Lawn Scarifiers – 240V

Electric Lawn Scarifiers are ideal for large lawned areas playing fields where there is a need to remove dead grass, weeds moss quickly efficiently. Using a scarifier will promote healthy lawns without moss felting. It helps provide optimal oxygenation, passage of water nutritive elements to soil. They also have an adjustable cutting height. Available in… Read more »

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