Road Equipment Hire

Pedestrian Plastic Trench Plates

Pedestrian Plastic Trench Plates (Various Sizes Available) provide a lightweight and portable pedestrian walkway over small ground excavations, making your working area safer for anyone walking by. Designed for covering bores, trenches and apertures – typically during construction, maintenance and repair works. Trench covers are suitable for a variety of uses including pedestrian, domestic, residential,… Read more »

1.1m x 1.0m Pedestrian Plastic Trench Plates

Road Forms

Our Road Forms (Various Sizes Available) provide a simple form of shuttering which is used in the formation of concrete slabs and floors. Each of our concrete shuttering forms for hire are robust and durable. We are able to supply them in various depths to suit the thickness of the slab. As well as being… Read more »

Road Form Pins

Our Road Form Pins are constructed in mild steel and pointed at one end to allow penetration of tough ground conditions. Specifically designed for use with Road Forms both fixed and rigid. Click to view our Road Forms range **Please note that there is a 2 week minimum hire period on our road forms and… Read more »

Road Form Pin

Pipeline Mats

Ekki / Pipeline Mats mats are currently the strongest and most durable timber mats. A Class 1 graded timber with a lifespan of over 50 years even in the poorest of conditions, Ekki is ideal to be used for timber mats in soft wet ground conditions. Strongest and most durable timber mats available. Class 1… Read more »

Ekki Mats

Marro Pave

Marro Pave is a strong and sturdy, yet lightweight ground reinforcement system made from recycled plastic. It can be used in grass or gravel to create a solid floor. Reduce the risk of potholes, rutting or grass damage Made from 100% recycled Polyolefin Harmless to the environment Resistant against acid and leaching, alcohol, oil and… Read more »

Marro Pave

Pedestrian Walkway Mats

The Pedestrian Walkway Mats are a simple, fully interlocking system which is quick and easy to lay which enables the mats to be linked together to form a safe stable walkway or roadway. The lightweight mats are easy to manoeuvre meaning the time it takes for them to be set-up and put in place is… Read more »

Ground Guards Enduramats 2.4m x 1.2m

Ground Guards Enduramats are an incredibly strong yet lightweight solution that allow for safe and durable access routes into temporary car parks, without the risk of vehicles getting stuck in muddy ground. Ground Guards are also a great way to quickly and efficiently protect grass from heavy equipment and prevent messes caused by mud. Product… Read more »

Ground Guards

Steel Road Plates

Our Steel Road Plates may be required to bridge excavations In order to open the carriageway to traffic, e.g. during traffic sensitive periods, at night or at weekends. Available in three different sizes: 4′ x 4′ 6′ x 4′ 8′ x 4′ **Please note that there is a 2 week minimum hire period on all… Read more »

Steel Road Plates

Anti Skid Road Plates – 2.44m x 1.22m (8′ x 4′)

Anti-Skid Steel Road Plates provide a lightweight and portable pedestrian walkway over small ground excavations or trenches. This provides pedestrians or vehicles access the area whilst construction, maintenance and demolition works are carried out. Product Features: Manufactured from high-strength steel High-friction surface created by combining hard resin with bauxite aggregate Textured surface reduces the concerns… Read more »

Anti-Skid Steel Road Plates

Road Cable Guard 5 Channel

These Road Cable Guard 5 Channel Yellow/Black (Length 910mm) / Hose Protection Ramps are ideal for fast easy deployment. They can be used in almost any situation to cover cables & hoses of a variety of sizes. The Road Cable Guard 5 Channel is most commonly used outdoors on building sites or at outdoor events… Read more »

Height Restriction Kit

Height Restriction Kit comprises of two 7.3m Telescopic poles, 2 heavy duty powder coated Steel base plates (Collapsible) with 25m of Bunting Used to warn vehicles to the dangers of overhead cables, bridges and power lines, 100% compliant with the HSE GS6 Guidelines. The tube is stronger with more prominent red and white sections, meaning… Read more »

Kerb Access Ramp

Heavy Duty Kerb Access Ramps (Safe Working Load of 500kg) are the most effective and convenient way to allow vehicles, trolleys and wheelchairs to mount kerb easily. Suites most applications including Warehouse, industrial plant, private motorists, public buildings etc. Our robust, anti-slip safe kerbs are the perfect solution for ensuring easy and fair access at… Read more »

Kerb Access Ramp
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