Portable Lighting Tower Hire

8.5m LED Lighting Tower

The 8.5m LED Lighting Tower by Generac is a mobile light tower equipped with 4x320W high efficiency and powerful LED lamp floodlights. Also with a more than impressive 140 hours of running time and one of the lowest sound pressure level in the industry: only 58 dB(A) at 7 meters. Why not hire an LED… Read more »

LED Lighting Towers

9.0m Halide Lighting Tower

The 9.0m Halide Lighting Tower – the VT1 Eco is equipped with 4 traditional 1000W metal halide floodlights and the special features timer and darkness sensor, allowing the automatic start and stop of the machine for a great fuel saving and low operating costs. Reaching up to 9m means these lighting towers can even be… Read more »

9.0m Halide Lighting Tower
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