Drain Clearing

REMS Mini Cobra 110V Drain Clearer

The REMS Mini Cobra is a proven hand unit for quick application to remove pipe blockages in kitchen, bath, toilet. For pipes Ø 20–50 (75) mm. For cables Ø 6, 8, 10 mm. Indispensable to remove small blockages. Design Simple, robust, practical design. Handy, light. Only 2.9 kg. Easy operation also in traps and tight… Read more »

Electric Pipe & Drain Cleaning Machine

This Electric Pipe & Drain Cleaning Machine is flexible, specially hardened, and has high quality cables for effortless forward feed within pipes and drains. It offers fast coupling for rapid extending and shortening, and a manual forward feed for sensitive operation. The cleaning cables have a temperature resistant and weather-proof core for long life. The… Read more »

Drain Rods

Flexible drain rods for unblocking challenging lengths of drainage. Ideal for Drain and sewer blockages.

Cobra Draw Cable

Compact and portable fibreglass duct rods provide a means of rodding and locating a sewer, drain or duct, installing cables in ducts, threading draw ropes through pipes or surveying drains with CCTV cameras. Duct rods can be used with Sondes. Available in 3 different lengths: 100m, 150m & 200m.

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