Forklift Accessories Hire

Wheelie Bin Lifter (660l & 1100l)

The Fork Mounted Wheelie Bin Lifter (660l & 1100l) by Invicta is designed to safely lift, move and empty up to 1100 Litre Wheelie Bins equipped with side trunnions.

Wheelie Bin Lifter (1100l)

Lifting Magnetic Clamp

A lifting magnetic clamp is mainly used to lift steel plates, blocks and press moulds as well as other magnetic materials. Simply attach it to a forklift with a hook attachment and start lifting. Often used in factories, warehouses and transportation industries. Up to 2000Kg lifting capacity. Increases work efficiency. Safe to use with an… Read more »

Low Profile Jib

The Low Profile Jib is a handy add-on to a forklift which allows you to lift loads that are hard to reach. Adjustable in length. Multi hook positioning from 500mm – 1750mm load centres. Makes lifting easy on otherwise hard to reach loads. Easily attachable to forklift truck. Supplied with swivel hooks and bow shackles…. Read more »

Forklift Concrete Tipping Skip

Make handling and moving concrete much easier when you hire a Forklift Concrete Tipping Skip. Hold up to 500 litres of concrete and transport it effortlessly. Features a tipping lever to dispense concrete. Sturdy but lightweight. Holds up to 500 litres of concrete. Concrete discharged by operator. tipping lever to dispense concrete.

Forklift Concrete Skip

Block Grab

The Block Grab is used for lifting and transporting heavy materials such as kerb stones. Simply attach to a Crane or Forklift and you’re away!

Crane Forks

Very similar to the forks that you would typically see on a forklift, Crane Forks are used to go underneath a load and lift from the bottom. This ensures that the load is lifted effectively and safely with no chance of dropping. Ideal for lifting pallets, crates and more. Adjustable width and height to suit… Read more »

Crane Forks

Mortar Tub for Fork & Crane Lift

Mortar Tub for Fork & Crane Lift – 250L; designed for use with a crane lift. Lightweight Easy to handle and store Safe for lifting mortar at height Made from high quality polyethylene 0.25 cubic metre capacity

Forklift Truck Cradle and Swivel Hook

Smiths Forklift Truck Cradle and Swivel Hook SWL 2000KG – easy to use, low maintenance, powerful machines. Cost effective to utilise your Forklift truck as a crane The attachment simply clamps onto the forks Fitted with a swivel hook

Forklift Truck Extension Jib

A Forklift Truck Extension Jib SWL 2000Kg is an inexpensive jib which gives longer reach capabilities. Ideal for picking up products that are difficult to palletise or for handling loads which are hard to access. Supplied with two swivel hooks. Manually extended jib which can mount the forks or carriage of any truck This enables… Read more »

Forklift Tipping Skip

Our range of forklift tipping skips and tipping bins are ideal for placing in production or storage areas, to help keep working areas clear whilst allowing safe and speedy removal of scrap or rubbish. Self-tipping skips allow you to utilise your fork lift to carry big loads of materials or rubbish. This skip’s body is… Read more »

Forklift Fork Arm Extensions (Pair)

Forklift Fork Arm Extensions (Pair) SWL 1170Kg are a high quality fork extension which comprises of a retaining bar and profiled toe section, to allow stable handling of loads that extend beyond the truck’s forks. Our fork extensions can also be designed with a retaining pin at heel and closed base.

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