Dust Suppression Hire

Dust Suppression Bowser – 2000 Litre

This towable Dust Suppression Water Bowser offers a solution to many situations i.e pressure washing, plant watering, dust suppression and more. It is suitable for applications wherever water is needed on-site, such as farms, construction sites, and factories. Product Features: Whale tail dust suppression. Fitted with 1” quarter turn valve. Unbreaked Galvanised chassis. 50mm tow… Read more »

Towable Water Bowser

DF Smart Mist Cannon

The DF Smart from Generac is the smallest dust control unit of the Dust Fighter range for outdoor jobs. It is extremely light, easily portable, and it can be used in a lot of different application fields on small working areas. Product Features: Ideal for Mining and Demolition applications. Environmentally friendly. Wheels and handles for… Read more »

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