Floor Cleaner Hire

Industrial Dry Steam Cleaner

This single phase dry steam cleaner from Gaiser is the most powerful in it’s the range, producing steam at 180°C and 8 Bar working pressure. It features a 5 litre refill tank allowing continuous operation without the need to stop every 10 minutes. This dry steam cleaner will make cleaning more efficient and affordable, make… Read more »

Floor Squeegee

A floor squeegee features a rubber blade to remove excess water and other liquids from large floor areas, ideal for internal floors.

Industrial Dry Steam Cleaner with Vacuum

The combination of the industrial dry steam cleaner and vacuum from Comby has been designed for the professional cleaner looking for a compact machine for all cleaning tasks. Unlike the Gaiser range of steam only machines, the Comby range feature a powerful wet & dry vacuum on the back of the machine to collect all… Read more »

Electric Floor Polisher/ Scrubber

An electric 240V Floor Polisher/ Scrubber helps you to maintain flooring surfaces, making them easier to clean. Smith’s floor cleaners are ideal for polishing, scrubbing, stripping or abrading the widest range of surfaces using brushes or pads. With enhanced power and performance Smith’s floor cleaners can provide a reliable and efficient service. Smith’s battery powered floor scrubbers are very portable and… Read more »

Floor Scrubber Hire

Floor Sweeper (Manual)

Karcher’s KM 70/20 C offers a fast and convenient alternative to broom sweeping. This machine features a 20 litre waste container, adjustable roller brush and a side brush for edges, making the Karcher lightweight and easy to use.

Floor Sweeper (Battery)

Hiring a Battery Drive Floor Sweeper from Smiths Hire will allow you to quickly and quietly clean large areas such as offices, maneuvering through tight spaces and doorways. This walk behind floor sweeper is an industrial strength machine suitable for smaller areas. Ideal for warehouses, garages, car parks, and much more. Ideal for the fast,… Read more »

Industrial Battery Powered Floor Scrubber

An industrial scrubber which is ideal for cleaning large areas. Will polish most types of solid flooring. Numatic ttb4552s battery twin-tec single tank scrubber dryer. With 2 x 400w brush motors and 400w vacuum system taking power from 2 x 12v (24v) 100a/hr batteries with fully integrated charging system, all mounted on a full stainless… Read more »

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