Water Bowser Hire

Dust Suppression Bowser – 2000 Litre

This towable Dust Suppression Water Bowser offers a solution to many situations i.e pressure washing, plant watering, dust suppression and more. It is suitable for applications wherever water is needed on-site, such as farms, construction sites, and factories. Product Features: Whale tail dust suppression. Fitted with 1” quarter turn valve. Unbreaked Galvanised chassis. 50mm tow… Read more »

Towable Water Bowser

Towable Site Water Bowsers

Sometimes when you need water or fuel on site, the best thing is to bring it with you. The best way to do that is to use a road towable bowser from Smiths. Heavy duty, moulded polyethylene water bowser mounted on a galvanised road tow chassis. Internal moulded baffle and aerodynamic design for safe towing. All Smiths… Read more »

Water Bowser Pump Attachment c/w Frame

The Water Bowser Pump Attachment by Speroni are single stage, self-priming “jet” pumps. With 304 stainless steel bodies and impellers (CAM80 model: thermoplastic). They are designed for pumping clean water only at a maximum temperature of 35ºC. They should not be allowed to run dry. The Water Bowser Pump Attachment offers a wide pressure range… Read more »

Mini Bowser Pressure Washer

The Mini Bowser Pressure Washer (125L) suitable for outdoor cleaning tasks. Get the job done quickly with the Mini Bowser Pressure Washer. We have an extensive fleet of power washers of all sizes and types. These include; electric, petrol and light and heavy duty diesel powered washers. We can also supply diesel powered washers complete with bowser and… Read more »

Bowser Pressure Washer

Diesel Water Bowser Power Washer

This Diesel Water Bowser Power Washer is ideal for the toughest cleaning jobs in remote and difficult access locations. It is also suitable for many industrial applications too. The Yamar L100N Diesel engine with a tank capacity of 940L allowing up to 1 ½ hours cleaning time. Can be used in used in conjunction with… Read more »

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