High Tip Pedestrian Skip Loader

The Kubota KC70VHD-4 550kg High Tip Pedestrian Skip Loader offers you a high dump function. It can empty its load up to 1.43m high (pin height). In addition, the dumping reach of 447mm allows it to easily empty the load from the skip far away enough from the side of the truck edge.

With a maximum loading capacity of 550kg and a heaped volume of 0.34 m3, it can transport material inside / outside buildings where space is limited. The KC70VHD-4 can easily avoid obstacles with a rear angle of 28° and a ground clearance of 202 mm.

Clean environmentally friendly engine
Tough and reliable, the air and oil cooled KUBOTA diesel engine delivers high torque. With enhanced power (9.4 PS at 3500 rpm) and optimum fuel efficiency to minimise operating costs. It also features cleaner emissions and quieter operation which means it has lower impact on the environment.

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