Electric Pipe & Drain Cleaning Machine

This Electric Pipe & Drain Cleaning Machine is flexible, specially hardened, and has high quality cables for effortless forward feed within pipes and drains. It offers fast coupling for rapid extending and shortening, and a manual forward feed for sensitive operation.

The cleaning cables have a temperature resistant and weather-proof core for long life. The pipe and drain cleaning cables and tools are compatible with other makes.

REMS Cobra 22 Product Features:

    • 240V.
    • Easy, fast and versatile use in pipe and drain cleaning.
    • Handy, robust, compact machines.
    • High-speed rotator with cable sections for work length up to 100m.
    • Closed drive spindle protects motor and drive against dirt and water.
  • For pipes Ø 20–250 mm.
  • Effective chain knocking and milling up to 740 rpm.

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Electric Pipe & Drain Cleaning Machine in action