16″ Petrol Wacker Plate (Vibrating Plate) (405mm)

16″ vibrating plate features a reversing feature and is lightweight and portable in nature. It is suitable for compacting rough terrain to leave a nice even finish.
Typical applications for Wacker Plates are compacting loose gravel, sand, or other materials including things such as building foundations leaving a solid, flat ground ready for building. Our Wacker Plates can be hired with a full tank of petrol at an additional charge, or fuel is included free when you hire the product if the plate is returned with a full tank of fuel. Alternatively, you can pay just for what you use. Enquire at the depot for more information.

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    405mm (16") Vibrating Plate Pet.
  • Weight
  • Vibration 6.1

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16″ Petrol Wacker Plate (Vibrating Plate) (405mm) in action