14″ Petrol Wacker Plate (Vibrating Plate) (356mm)

Hiring a 14″ Wacker Plate is useful for domestic, commercial and industrial projects both in and outdoors due to their reliability and lightweight nature.
Typical applications for Wacker Plates are compacting loose gravel, sand, or other materials including things such as building foundations leaving a solid, flat ground ready for building. Our Wacker Plates can be hired with a full tank of petrol at an additional charge, or fuel is included free when you hire the product if the plate is returned with a full tank of fuel. Alternatively, you can pay just for what you use. Enquire at the depot for more information.

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    356mm (14") Vibrating Plate Pet.
  • Weight
  • Vibration 6.1

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14″ Petrol Wacker Plate (Vibrating Plate) (356mm) in action