We Care Charter – How We Handle Complaints

We always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, however things can sometimes go wrong. If you’re not happy with the service you have received from our depot or central hire teams, you have the opportunity to have your complaint fully investigated by our dedicated Customer Care Team.

Our ‘We Care’  charter is all about showing you courtesy at every stage of the process supported by an impartial, professional approach to all complaints. Our team aim to provide all inquiries with a swift and detailed response. The complaints procedure below details how your complaint will be handled and what you can expect from our Local Depot Manager and Customer Care Team.

Customer Care Complaints Procedure:

Who should I complain to?

If you are not happy with a hire product and the support service we have provided at both depot and central hire level, you should firstly contact the local depot or central hire team that processed your hire request and tell them all about the issues you have experienced. If you are still not happy with the response you have received from the local Smiths Hire manager and wish to have your complaint reviewed, our senior Customer Care Team is available to investigate your complaint further.
Please email the details of your complaint via our contact us page https://smithshire.com/contact-smiths-hire/ providing a telephone number where possible to ensure a quick resolution.

What should I expect when I have made a complaint?

The Smiths Hire Customer Care Team will immediately acknowledge each complaint that is sent in so that you can be assured that it has been received. Your complaint will then be investigated by our Customer Care Team. If we can resolve the complaint immediately, we will contact you with a final response. If we need to investigate your complaint further, we will keep you informed of the progress until a resolution has been reached and we can issue a final response.

What if I am not happy with the resolution to my complaint?

You can appeal a final response and this will be reviewed by our Customer Care Director who will respond to you within 5 working days. They will advise whether the previous decision has been upheld or over-ruled.

What we do with complaints data?

We appreciate you taking the time to contact us with your complaint and for giving us the opportunity to rectify any issues that you may have. Your feedback regarding our products and processes is of the utmost importance as we are constantly seeking ways to improve the service we provide to our customers. This information will play an important part in future training of staff where applicable.
Our internal moto is Think Customer, to ensure we never lose sight of our responsibilities to you our customer.

We’d love to hear from you!

If you have visited one of our Hire It Centres recently and have feedback to give, you can do so by filling in our Customer Feedback Survey