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Diggers & Mini Diggers

Mini Digger Kubota U17-3A 1.5t for Hire

The Kubota U17-3A Mini Digger provides excellent digging depth and reach. Kubota’s U17-3A delivers powerful performance and the use of new short-pitched rubber crawlers helps minimise vibration during travel for improved operator comfort. Kubota’s unique E-TVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System) enables high-energy output, low vibration and low fuel consumption, while minimising exhaust emissions. With its… Read more »

Kubota U17-3A 1.5t Mini Digger

Mini Digger JCB 19C-1E 1.9t (Electric) for Hire

JCB is leading the way in clean technology by reducing harmful emissions and improving air quality in sensitive environments, especially in urban and enclosed spaces. That’s why they’re introducing E-TEC, a new generation of electric products with zero emissions at point of use. The new 19C-1E mini digger is the first of the E-TEC products… Read more »

Electric Digger

Mini Digger Kubota U48-4 5.0t for Hire

The Kubota U48-4 is ready to take on any challenge. It combines the power for demanding jobs and the versatility to work in any condition. This advanced 4.7 tonne machine is designed with excellent stability to work efficiently even where space is confined. With superior digging and lifting power, together with smooth travel performance, this… Read more »

Kubota U48-4 Mini Digger

Mini Digger Kubota U27-4 2.5t For Hire

The Kubota U27-4 mini digger for hire is an impressive machine. Not only is it extra compact but it also robust, durable and tough enough to tackle even the most demanding tasks in tight spaces with ease. The Kubota U27-4 has a spacious cabin that boasts an expansive field of vision and both a wider… Read more »

Kubota U27-4 Mini Digger

Mini Digger Kubota KX015-4 1.5t For Hire

The Kubota KX15-4 small digger for hire raises the standards in the 1.5-2.0 tonne category. With an impressive powerful digging force and a wider working range that rivals higher-end excavators. By getting a mini excavator for hire you will benefit from enhanced accessibility to sites such as roadsides or residential areas. The Kubota KX15 is… Read more »

small digger hire

Mini Digger Kubota K008–3 0.8t Micro/Small for Hire

Kubota K008–3 0.8t Mini Digger Rental Here at Smiths Hire, we are pleased to offer a great range of small excavators for hire. If you are looking for a compact and powerful mini digger then the Kubota K008-3 is the answer. This mini digger which is available for rental is ideal for tough jobs where… Read more »

Small Excavator Hire
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