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Ground Works

Trench Sheets & Accessories

We offer a wide range of Trench sheet and accessory equipment from the very best manufacturers. Products for hire include: trench sheets, trench sheet extractors, driving caps and driver etc.

Trench Sheets & Accessories

Trestles, Props & Struts

We offer a wide range of props and strut equipment from the very best manufacturers. Products for hire include: adjustable steel props, trench struts, strongboys etc.

Trestles, Props & Struts

Kerb / Manhole Cover Lifters

We offer a wide range of kerb and manhole lifting equipment from the very best manufacturers. Products for hire include: TSV kerb lifters, TSZ kerb lifters, lifting brothers, man-hole keys, machine kerb stone grabs, manhole pipe lifting pins, hydraulic manhole cover lifters, two man kerb lifting etc.

Kerb / Manhole Cover Lifters

Davit Arm

The Davit Arm is a component based davit assembly which can be mated with several styles of bases. The mast consists of an aluminum offset tube, fabricated elbow section, and aluminum center post with winch mounting bracket. Elbow units are reversible and provide cost effective, versatile means of achieving multiple offset reaches. All davits are… Read more »

Tremie Concrete Column Skip

A Tremie Concrete Column Skip allows for storage of concrete and quick and easy discharging, with the use of an attachable tube to the bottom. To be used for pouring concrete into columns and framework that are difficult to access. Concrete Column Skip (Tremie) Features: Pull rope for opening discharge gate. Makes concreting into columns… Read more »

Tremie Concrete Column Skip

Bottom Discharge Concrete Skip

A Bottom Discharge Concrete Skip is used to hold large amounts of concrete and allow it to be discharged at any given time with the use of a fold down slide. Holds large amounts of concrete. Geared twinflow concrete skip. Versataile concrete skip with bottom and side discharge. Opening with wheels. Fold down slide to discharge concrete.

Bottom Discharge Concrete Ski

Boat Skip

Boat skips are used for general building site clearance. The biggest advantage of this type of Boat skip is the low loading height compared to a traditional muck skip. The actual lifting bale automatically locks when lifted into position, this enables the driver to better manoeuvre and tip the skip without the need for a… Read more »

Boat Skip

Block Grab

The Block Grab is used for lifting and transporting heavy materials such as kerb stones. Simply attach to a Crane or Forklift and you’re away! Height adjustable supports. Lifting eye for attaching to crane hooks or drop chains. Rubber / metal gripping bars which can be replaced. Forklift adaptor available. Can be used with an… Read more »

Marro Pave

Marro Pave is a strong and sturdy, yet lightweight ground reinforcement system made from recycled plastic. It can be used in grass or gravel to create a solid floor. Reduce the risk of potholes, rutting or grass damage Made from 100% recycled Polyolefin Harmless to the environment Resistant against acid and leaching, alcohol, oil and… Read more »

Marro Pave

Bunded Drum Stand

Designed to safely stack drums next to each other, and with the use of multiple drum stands, on top of each other. Ideal for utilising storage space when storage drums and barrels. Made from 100% recycled Polyethylene. Ideal for utilising storage space when storage drums and barrels. One stand can store up to 2 drums…. Read more »

Enduramat Ground Guards 2.4m x 1.2m

Enduramat Ground Guards are an incredibly strong yet lightweight solution that allow for safe and durable access routes into temporary car parks, without the risk of vehicles getting stuck in muddy ground. Ground Guards are also a great way to quickly and efficiently protect grass from heavy equipment and prevent messes caused by mud. Product… Read more »

Ground Guards

Fall Arrest Air Bag

Light, easily inflatable fall protection air cushions. Makes installation quick and easy as well as being just as easy to move on from building to building. Softens the blow The inflatable air cushion fall arrest protection system brings a new perspective of speed, convenience and adaptability to protecting your workforce on site. Light, easily inflatable… Read more »

110v Air Bag Inflator

Designed to inflate Smiths Hire airbags quickly and efficiently. This versatile Air Bag Inflator can also be used to do the opposite by deflating air bags at the end of the job.

Machine Drip Tray 3000mm x 1500mm x 305mm

A tidy and effective way of preventing costly spills or fuel and oil leaks when working on engines/machines. As liquid falls into the tray, the oil and fuel naturally separates from the water, leaving the water to pass safely through the interceptor outlet hole. When full, the residue can be removed ready for safe disposal… Read more »

Interceptor Drip Tray 3000mm x 1500mm x 305mm
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