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Single Drum Rollers

558mm (22″) Single Drum Roller

Hire a single drum vibrating roller from Smiths Hire for use on small sites and to reach those awkward spots that bigger machines can’t service. They are operated by being pushed along the surface of the area that needs to be compacted and are extremely maneuverable and easy to use compared to the larger, heavier… Read more »

Single Drum Roller

711mm (28″) Single Drum Roller Kit c/w Breaker & Trailer

These single drum rollers/breakers from Smiths are ideal for use on small sites or in awkward spots. These mini vibrating rollers are pushed along the surface of the compacting zone. They are more manoeuvrable and convenient for small scale projects than their larger drivable cousins. A power take off allows the use of hydraulic breaker… Read more »

711mm (28″) Single Drum Roller

A 28″ single drum roller is designed to compact various materials such as asphalt and to reach the spots larger rollers can’t reach. These machines are reliable and effective.  

Single Drum Roller Trailer

The Single Drum Roller Trailer is designed to carry a single drum roller in a safe and secure manner. Single Drum Roller Trailer Features: Fully welded and galvanised chassis. 750kg gross weight. Ramp tailgate fitted with wood for grip. Front clamp for roller arm. 2 spring assisted clamps to hold the drum in place. Toolbox… Read more »

Single Drummer Roller Trailer
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