STIHL TS 480i Petrol Cut-off Machine


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  • 3.9kW Cut-off Machine
  • Supplied with a 300mm/12″ cutting wheel
  • Unique STIHL injection engine technology

Optional accessories…

FW 20 Cart with TS 410/420/480i/500i Mounting Kit

  • Hand-operated
  • Long cuts with depths accurate to a millimetre
  • For use with STIHL TS 410/420/480i/500i cut-off machines

Water Container for FW 20 Cart

  • 13L capacity
  • For use with STIHL FW 20 cart
  • Supplied with water coupling
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The STIHL TS 480i Petrol Cut-off Machine; innovative 3.9kW cut-off machine with unique STIHL electronically controlled fuel injection. The TS 480i is supplied with a 300mm abrasive cutting wheel (additional wheels sold separately) With just one start position, the tool is particularly easy to start. Fully-equipped with long-life air filter system and electronic water control for easy water supply metering.

The TS 480i Cut-off Machine can be operated by hand or used with the FW 20 cart.

STIHL TS 480i Petrol Cut-off Machine Features:

STIHL Fuel injection (i)

The electronically controlled fuel injection ensures perfect running properties every time. It also reduces fuel consumption in comparison with tools without injection technology.

Reduced-emission engine technology

2-stroke engine with stratified charge. A fuel-free layer of air is created between the burned charge in the combustion chamber and the fresh charge in the crankcase. Therefore, reducing the amount of fuel lost during the charge cycle. This means more power with a lower weight. Resulting in up to 20% lower fuel consumption than regular 2-stroke engines and significantly reduced exhaust emissions.

Manual fuel pump (Purger)

A small fuel pump delivers fuel to the carburettor at the touch of a button. This reduces the number of starting strokes required following extended breaks in operations.

STIHL ElastoStart

STIHL ElastoStart reduces the shock caused by the compression of the engine during starting. The compression shock is taken away from the user’s joints/muscles via a spring / rubber element in the starter handle.

STIHL Electronic water control (A)

The electronic water control system can be operated via simple buttons while the engine is running. The water then switches on and off during cutting automatially, depending on engine speed. The water volume can be regulated by simply pressing the plus / minus buttons. Therefore, ensuring optimum dust suppression at the touch of a button.

Pre-separation air filtration system

STIHL long-life air filtration systems with pre-separation achieve perceptibly longer filter life compared with conventional filter systems. Air drawn in is swirled. The larger, heavier particles are ejected. The pre-cleaned air is routed to the air filter via the pre-separator duct.

Anti-vibration system

Intense vibration at the handles of power tools can lead to long-term effects. However, STIHL has developed an effective anti-vibration system, which significantly reduces vibrations at the handles.

Ergonomic grip position

The modern, ergonomic design allows each user to work with an optimal grip position. The loop handle facilitates excellent cutting comfort in any working position.

Semi automatic drive belt tensioning

Light, consistent re-tensioning increases the service life of the belts and shaft bearings.

Magnesium guard

The cutting wheel guard made from die-cast magnesium is particularly light. The guard and water attachment feature a particularly ergonomic design.

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Weight12.859 kg
Dimensions64.9 × 33.6 × 48.6 cm
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FW 20 Cart with TS 410/420/480i/500i Mounting Kit

Weight35.216 kg
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Water Container for FW 20 Cart

Weight2.975 kg
Dimensions41 × 29.5 × 28 cm
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