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  • STIHL KombiEngines

    STIHL KombiEngines (2)

    Powerful STIHL KombiEngines offer as much power as you need - multiple tools all powered by a single motor. Whether it's trimming hedges, edging lawns, turning borders or sweeping paths, the STIHL KombiEngines & KombiTools will take the effort out of those tough garden jobs.

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  • STIHL KombiTools

    STIHL KombiTools (3)

    The variety of STIHL KombiTools makes this a great choice for users with multiple requirements. From brushcutter to pole pruner, from hedge trimmer to PowerSweep, you can have everything completely under control in the garden.

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  • STIHL MultiEngine & Multitools

    STIHL MultiEngine & Multitools (1)

    The STIHL MultiEngine and MultiTools; this all-purpose tool soon has your garden shipshape again. Whether tending the lawn, cultivating the soil or clearing large areas - only one machine is needed for all the various jobs.

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